Approximately 140,000 parcels of property exist within the Metropolitan Planning Limits, and each is currently zoned for a wide array of uses permitted by the applicable zoning district classification as shown in our current City of Shreveport Zoning Map and Caddo Parish Zoning Map.


Zoning is the set of rules that govern how land may be used and the development standards for all property within the Shreveport-Caddo area. Zoning is necessary to protect the community health, safety and welfare. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to either the Shreveport City Council or the Caddo Parish Commission, depending on where the property requesting a zoning change is located. Community members have opportunities for input on the underlying land use policies as those policies are being set as both the City Council and Parish Commission hold public hearings on individual zone changes. Land development and planning requirements are included in the City of Shreveport Unified Development Code or the Caddo Parish Code of Ordinances.

Land Restrictions outline how land can be used. The basic zoning categories are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

These restrictions also control the types of buildings allowed on the property: how tall they can be, how far they must be set back from the street, and other development standards. If your property isn’t zoned for your intended use, you may apply at the MPC office located on the fourth floor of Government Plaza, 505 Travis Street, Suite 440, and a member of the MPC Staff will guide you through the rezoning process.

The Planning Department serves as the hub of the rezoning process and coordinates the application with all other applicable City or Parish Departments.

Subdivision Regulations

The Shreveport | Caddo MPC maintains authoritative subdivision regulations for Caddo Parish, and working subdivision regulations for The City of Shreveport; while the City of Shreveport maintains the authoritative subdivision regulations.  Please follow the directions provided by their web site to access these regulations

Details of the subdivision process, including applications, fees, permits, and zone changes are posted on our Current Planning page.