What We Do

Enforcement of the zoning ordinance regulations is a major function of the Zoning Enforcement Office, a department of the Metropolitan Planning Commission. This is handled by the zoning administrator, zoning inspectors, and MPC office staff. A large part of the zoning administrator’s duties involves investigating alleged violations of the zoning ordinance inside the city and planning limits.

How We Serve You

Code Enforcement conducts inspections of properties throughout the city to determine compliance with code requirements and, when necessary, notifies owners of observed ordinance violations and methods by which to correct those violations. Code compliance is achieved through a combination of education, resource and assistance referral and enforcement.


The Zoning Office averages over 3,500 zoning inspections per year. Since there are only three enforcement officers who cover the entire planning limits, (approximately 307 square miles), violations are handled on a complaint basis. The MPC depends greatly on the general public to notify it when zoning violations, or suspected violations, are found.


For any questions on Zoning Enforcement, Certificates of Occupancy,  Home Occupation License, or receive assistance in completing the applications, please contact a member of the MPC staff at (318) 673-6480.