City of Shreveport – Unified Development Code


The City of Shreveport – Unified Development Code was implemented in May 2017.  Periodically, revisions are required to reflect the changing nature of business in our community.  Some changes are always necessary in order to make adjustments for unintended limitations placed on certain industries, while others address innovations and unforeseen industry shifts. Most of these updates are simple house-keeping and corrective changes due to oversight, grammatical mistakes, contradictions or missing items.  All updates are aimed to help better serve the City in defining and regulating these uses.


Finding Information in the UDC

The City of Shreveport UDC is organized into 21 articles that cover zoning districts, land uses, development standards, signs, and procedures.  See the City of Shreveport – UDC Informational Bulletin  for a summary of each article.

Find the Zoning of a Property

The GIS Department utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to provide maps and geo-spatial analysis services to the public and is responsible for developing and maintaining a centralized GIS database, sharing and developing data with federal, state, and local agencies. These responsibilities include maintaining GIS layers, providing support to other MPC Departments, and creating maps for all cases, projects and studies.

Interactive Maps

The MPC’s interactive GIS maps are a great way to explore the MPC’s Planning Limits geographically. The maps allow you to pan, zoom, and clicking on features to learn more. You can turn map layers on and off using the Layers tab and search for an address using the Find tab. These maps begin to show the power of GIS and how easy it is to use and include the zoning designation of all properties with the MPC Planning Limits.

While this online map is the most current and accurate version of the zoning map, if you have technical issues, a dated PDF map for the City of Shreveport is available here.   Please use the online map or call 318.673.6480 to confirm the zoning of a property.

UDC Resources

The following resource guides and manuals help provide more detail on portions of the UDC.

What is the Unified Development Code?

The Unified Development Code (UDC) is a document that consolidates all development-related regulations including zoning requirements, subdivision regulations, design and development standards, and review procedures.

The UDC has several advantages over maintaining separate zoning and subdivision ordinances. First, it avoids overlapping, conflicting, or inconsistent requirements by providing one source for all standards and approval procedures. Second, the UDC is simpler for customers to use since they only need to become familiar with one set of standards. Finally, by integrating all types of development, the UDC offers a more a more flexible and comprehensive approach to design, which leads to a more consistent treatment of different types of development.

The UDC was effective on May 15, 2017.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the UDC, please call 318.673.6480 to speak with a MPC Planner.