Site Plan Submittal

The Land Development Department is responsible for overseeing the site plan review process for the construction, alteration, enlargement, reconstruction, or change of use of buildings within the Shreveport | Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission’s jurisdiction.

The MPCs Land Development Department administers this review process by working with other City | Parish departments to evaluate the application for consistency with the current ordinances and policies, accepted and responsible planning principles, and by consulting with immediate abutters. Upon completion of its review, the Executive Director will either approve or deny the request.  Any decision by the Executive Director can only be appealed to the MPC Board of Directors.


Important Information About Site Plan Submittal

  • Prior to any site plan application being accepted by the MPC, an in-person Pre-Application Meeting (PAM) and Pre-Application Conference (PAC) is mandatory for all applicants. Please call (318) 673-6480 to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting with a MPC Planner as needed.
  • A site plan shall be required for all townhouse, multifamily, non-residential construction (including mixed use) and planned unit developments.   The introduction of a new use to an existing site may also require site plan approval.
  • Conceptual Site Plans will not be accepted as a formal site plan submittal. Applications must meet all requirements. Incomplete site plan applications will NOT be accepted.
  •  An applicant must make an appointment in order to submit a site plan application.


Below you will find links to educate applicants on this process.