Site Plan Approvals

The following table lists site plans that have been approved by the MPC Executive Director each month, beginning in August 2016. If you have any questions about any of these approvals, or would like to request more information, please call one of our planners at 318-673-6480.

Case Number Location Applicant Owner Project Description Approved Site Plan
September 2020
20-117-C 8114 Mansfield Rd Gary Shovan Gary Shovan Metal building for on site storage Site Plan 
20-126-C 802 Common Street City of Shreveport City of Shreveport New parking lot ancillary to Common Park Site Plan 
July 2020
20-94-C 4015 Fern Ave Louisiana Restaurant Equipment Madison Park Properties, LLC Pepitos Parking Improvement Site Plan
20-63-C 621 Gladstone Blvd.  Cnady M. Martin Candy M. Martin Home based beauty salon Site Plan 
20-88-C 9360 Woolworth Road Ejes Incorporated Additional parking for Walnut Hills Elementary School Site Plan
20-104-C tbd Wallace Lake Rd Mohr & Associates Pierce Holding Company, LLC New office building on vacant lot Site Plan 
C-102-17 327 Kings Hwy Lakeshore Liquor, Beer & Wine II Demedrios Chris Casten Liquor Retail Store Site Plan
20-1-BAP 3902 Sunset Drive Alan Dyson Guy Stutes Garage location variance for Single-Family Residence Site Plan 
20-97-C 1028 Bridgewater Ave Provenance Development Company Provenance Development Company New 5-unit multi-family complex Site Plan
20-59-C 1100 blk Highland Avenue Mohr and Associates Brentwood Acquisitions- Shreveport, Inc. Parking lot expansion Site Plan 
 20-73-C tbd Downing Street Rob Rollins Pine Hills Estates Community center on currently vacant land. Site Plan 
June 2020
20-86-C 885 Poleman Road Dale’s Paving Parking expansion for the North Highlands Elementary School Site Plan 
20-82-C 626 Eden Boulevard  Caddo Parish School Board Caddo Parish School Board Site plan modification for a parking expansion Site Plan 
20-71-C 6652 Youree Drive Kroger Fuel Center The Kroger Co. 7-pump fuel station in the shopping center parking lot Site Plan 
20-84-C 6650 Bowie Street Juz Us Child Development Center Juz Us Child Development Center Addition of a 1,784sf building to an existing day care center. Site Plan
20-83-C 4907 Monkhouse Drive Gemco Gemco 16′ x 32′ manufactured building behind an existing office building. Site Plan 
20-81-C 8700 blk Milllicent Way Denmon Engineering Denmon Engineering Temporary approval of a manufactured building on an undeveloped portion of a proposed rehabilitation hospital that will be removed upon completion of the rehabilitation facility. Site Plan
20-49-C 7020 Klug Pines Road Mohr and Associates FW Property, LLC Site plan approval of a previously approved residential care facility Planned Unit Development Site Plan
May 2020
20-65-C 6550 Bowie Street Carolyn Grace Carolyn Grace Facade changes to update the exterior of an existing building Site Plan
20-12-C/20-1-BAC 240 Winterwood Drive Makers Design David Pratt Accessory Dwelling Unit Site Plan
20-40-C 8410 Millicent Way Denmon Engineering Encompass Health Louisiana Real Estate, LLC Initial phase for a proposed rehabilitation hospital Site Plan 
April 2020
20-33-C 5751 Youree Drive Sunshine Health Market Youree Park, LLC Addition of a drive through window on an existing retail building Site Plan
20-57-C 5837 Line Avenue Makers Design Pham Enterprise LLC Demolition of existing site and construction of a new building Site Plan
20-21-C 8400 Block of Line Avenue Abrams Architecture and Design Fite Family, LLC New construction of a commercial center Site Plan
March 2020
19-465-C 3817 Gilbert Drive Alta Towers c/o Integrisite, Inc. Alta Towers, LLC Stealth design wireless telecommunication tower Site Plan
20-30-C 290 Idema Street CGC, Inc. CGC, Inc. Expansion of a place of worship Site Plan
20-29-C 5620 N Industry Road Inc Inc Use of an existing building and site for storing and renting construction equipment Site Plan
February 2020
20-27-C 7600 East Kings Hwy Blesdoe Architects Gregg Orr Auto New Construction of a vehicle dealership with outdoor inventory display Site Plan
19-481-C 2444 Midway Ave. 2R Construction,LLC Dillard Farms,LLC Temporary Use Permit for a rock crushing facility Site Plan
19-314-C 3920 Greenwood Rd. Collins Used Auto Sales V & J Land Company LLC Development of a vehicle dealership with outdoor display Site Plan
20-26-C 3817 Gilbert Drive Alta Towers c/o Intergrisite, Inc Alta Towers c/o Intergrisite, Inc Modification of a wireless cell tower for stealth design Site Plan
20-11-C 2120 Kings Hwy. Somdal Associates, LLC The Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana Construction of a new builiding in a I-C district. Site Plan
20-18-C 2101 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Dat Huynh, LLC Dat Hyunh, LLC Expansion to the rear portion of a existing building. Site Plan
20-20-C 9712 St.Vincent Ave. Mohr and Associates, Inc Pro-Action Fluids, LLC Expansion of a existing warehouse and front parking area. Site Plan
January 2020
19-403-C 6901 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Quik Trip Corporation Quik Trip Corporation New development of a truck stop. Site Plan
20-15-C 1710 N Hearne Ave ELA Group, Inc Linda Dame Repair and addition to the front storage yard of a existing building Site Plan
20-13-C 4111 Metro Drive Royale Services, LLC Royale Services, LLC Adding a storage yard to the rear of a existing building Site Plan
December 2019
19-468-C 614 W 70th Street Real Life Community Church Real Life Community Church New parking lot to an existing church Site Plan
19-465-C 3817 Gilbert Drive Alta Towers c/o Integrisite, Inc Alta Towers, LLC Wireless cell tower with stealth design Site Plan
19-461-C 9449 Mansfield Road Home Federal Bank Home Federal Bank New development of a bank Site Plan
19-328-P 5006 Jefferson Paige Road SWEPCO SWEPCO Site plan modification to include a training building Site Plan
19-471-C 9742 St Vincent Avenue Mohr and Associates, Inc. Site plan modification to reflect the actual construction of a previously approved site plan (C-97-15) Site Plan
C-86-17 1110 Sam R. Fertitta Drive NITH, LLC NITH, LLC Rehabilitation of an existing building Site Plan
19-321-P 9391 Hwy 1 South Smith’s Lawn and Landscape Brothers Construction Greenhouse/Nursery-Retail Site Plan
19-445-C 730 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Johnstone Supply Mar-Cyn Investments Wholesale commercial establishment selling HVAC and refrigeration parts Site Plan
November 2019
19-462-C 1221 E Bert Kouns  Bledsoe Architects CCH Properties, LLC Changes in the parking/display of an existing vehicle dealership. Site Plan 
19-323-P 4630 US Highway 71 Polaris Services, LLC Clinton Hutchinson Construction of a new building to be used as office space and a dwelling unit. An additional building will be used for storage space by the property owner. Site Plan
19-460-C 3301 Line Avenue iArchitecture iArchitecture Modification to previously approved site plan, maintain currently existing parking lot and renovate currently existing builing rather than a new construction Site Plan
19-454-C 1449 E Bert Kouns Mohr and Associates, Inc Christus Health Northern Louisiana Moving the southern driveway and add a right turn lane. Site Plan
19-433-C 7798 Youree Drive John S. Odom, Architect Beaird Properties, LLC Administrative exception approval for a reduce landscape buffer to accommodate the parking and drive-through requirements. Site Plan
19-452-C 2940 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop CC&D Crossroads Showroom Properties, LLC Modification to previously approved site plan; reduction of pavement and relocation of dumpster Site Plan
19-450-C 4361 Youree Drive Labarre Associates Temporary modular building while the principal structure undergoes renovation Site Plan
October 2019
19-416-C 1120 Kings Hwy MGB Development Group, LLC MGB Development Group, LLC Expansion of a medical clinic building at an existing dialysis clinic. Site Plan
19-344-C 2940 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop CC&D Crossroads Showroom Properties, LLC Glass tempering in an existing building Site Plan
19-438-C 1330 E Bert Kouns Bledsoe Architects Adding a vehicle car wash Site Plan
19-436-C 6010 Jefferson Paige Road Culbertson Contractors Landscape and irrigation modification to previously approved site plan for retail space Site Plan
19-317-P 114 Dixie Meadow Road River City Communications Goebel Quality Services, LLC Office with Storage Space Site Plan
September 2019
19-415-C 1040 Jack Wells Blvd Alloy Piping Products, LLC Alloy Piping Products, LLC Expansion of an ancillary outdoor storage manufacturing facility. Site Plan
19-419-C 911 Ravendale Drive Hoogland’s Landscape Behavioral Health Facility for autistic children Site Plan 
19-431-C 6550 Eastbank Drive Mohr and Associates, Inc. Revised irrigation plan to meet requirements under new code Site Plan
19-301-C 4361 Youree Drive Mohr and Associates Irrigation plan Site Plan 
19-382-C 7010 Youree Drive Burger Engineering, LLC Shreve Center DE, LLC Building expansion and refurbishing exterior elements Site Plan
19-405-C  1901 N Market Street Singh Pertoleum 1, LLC Singh Petroleum 1, LLC Replace convenience store and car wash with a new convenience store Site Plan
19-426-C 1927 Southern Loop Road Abrams Architecture and Design Modification of landscape and irrigation to Johnny’s Pizza House Site Plan
19-427-C 6339 W 70th Street Dorothy Farnell We Care Ministries Establishment of a community center Site Plan
19-408-C 1332 Bolinger Street Addtional storage building to existing site Site Plan
19-413-C 5500 Blk of Jefferson Paige Road Mohr and Associates Modification to existing site plan for a new gas station-reduced gas pumps, parking and concrete pavement Site Plan
19-381-C 483 E 70th Street Mohr and Associates 70th Street TATA, Inc. Special Use Permit for a tire shop and used auto sales Site Plan
August 2019
19-414-C 1911 N Market Street Helm Restaurants, Inc. Helm Restaurants, Inc. Shift the one-way driveway  Site Plan
19-402-C 9200 blk of Wallace Lake Road Mohr and Associates, Inc. Mohr and Associates, Inc. Modify site plan of a new restaurant  Site Plan
19-392-C 1513 Corporate Drive Mohr and Associates, Inc. Johnny Johnson Drywall, LLC Vehicle paint shop addition to an existing vehicle repair facility Site Plan
July 2019


 901 Pierremont Road D.L Rogers Corp Home Federal Bank Sonic Drive-Thru  Site Plan
19-345-C  8620 Youree Drive DE 3 INC SNL Investments, LLC Retail sales of alcohol-liquor  Site Plan
June 2019
19-302-P 1939 Southern Loop Cork and Cuts LLC AB Glen Properties, LLC Retail sales of alcohol-liquor Site Plan
19-357-C 1520 Texas Ave Giant Construction, LLC Giant Construction, LLC Expansion of existing structure Site Plan
19-365-C 1910 Market Street Alan Perdue Alan Perdue Enclose existing patio area. Site Plan
19-358-C 3500 blk of Pines Road High Tide Consultants, LLC Walgreens Louisiana Co., LLC Phase I construction of a retail center Site Plan
19-361-C 2205 Texas Avenue Foodway Foodway Modification to the size of the storage building. Site Plan
19-306-P 8525 Whitener Lane Kevin Bryan Architect Northwest Louisiana Food Bank Request for Administrative exception to exceed maximum parking spaces and landscape buffer on eastern boundary. Site Plan
19-363-C 2106 Fairfield Avenue 2106 Fairfield, LLC 2106 Fairfield, LLC Modification to parking lot to preserve existing trees. Site Plan
May 2019
19-306-C  1319 Anniston Avenue/189 Patton Avenue Words of Grant, LLC Words of Grant, LLC Accessory Dwelling Unit  Site Plan
19-338-C  1210 Milam Street Dept. of Community Development Dept. of Community Development Landscape modification  Site Plan
19-308-BAC 1040 Caddo Street and 940 Caddo Street DNA Workshop DNA Workshop Administrative exception to height regulations Site Plan
19-320-C 3432 Youree Drive idGroup idGroup Addition of a pickup window to an existing drive through restaurant Site Plan
19-310-C 2015 East 70th Street Mario Pary DMD Inc Mario Pary DMD Inc Construction of an additional dental office Site Plan
19-311-C 3077 N Market Street Bimbo QSR  Bimbo QSR Modification to allow a pre-manufactured building behind an existing restaurant to be used as a walk in freezer Site Plan
C-14-19 400 Block E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Abrams Architecture and Design Joel Girouard Real Estate Holdings New construction of a 4,500 square-foot office building Site Plan
C-18-19 1911 N Market Street Helm Restaurants, Inc. Helm Restaurants, Inc. Demolishing the existing Taco Bell and building a new one in its place. Site Plan
19-304-C 2810 Summer Grove Drive The Dartmouth 2810 Barton & Bailey, LLC Reception facility Site Plan
April 2019
19-309-C 706 Airport Drive North Shreveport Auto Title North Shreveport Auto Title, LLC Building expansion and sidewalk demolition Site Plan
19-307-C 8731 Park Plaza Drive River Cities Interventional Pain Specialist River Cities Interventional Pain Specialist Driveway addition and modification to existing parking Site Plan
19-301-C  4361 Youree Drive  Mohr and Associates, Inc. ANECA Federal Credit Union  Parking lot  Site Plan
March 2019
C-32-19 5500 blk of Jefferson Paige Road Mohr and Associates New convenience store/gas station Site Plan
C-31-19 1900 Block of Southern Loop Road Abrams Architecture and Design Abrams Architecture and Design Reduce amount of on-site parking Site Plan
C-37-19 140 E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Ivan Smith Furniture Ivan Smith Furniture Facade Renovation Site Plan
February 2019
C-12-19 554 Jordan Street Joel Wambsgans Joel Wambsgans Office/Medical Office Site Plan
January 2019
C-5-19 2444 Midway Street 2R Construction, LLC Dillard Farms, LLC Rock Crushing Facility Site Plan
C-2-19 838 Hope Street James R. Martin James R. Martin Office for Construction Business Site Plan
December 2018
C-57-18 2911 W 70th St Mohr & Associates Pipes Enterprises Used Auto Dealership Site Plan
C-54-18 2940 W Bert Kouns CC& D Crossroads Showroom Properties Wholesale Showroom and Warehouse Site Plan
November 2018
C-74-18 1935 Block of Southern Loopmap Abrams Architecture & Design Johnny’s Pizza House, Inc. Pizza Restaurant with Drive-Through Facility Site Plan
C-92-18 9348 Sentell Street Mohr & Associates, Inc. Johnson Ford Properties, LLC Seafood Restaurant Site Plan
C-77-18 1881 Texas Ave Jonathan Reynolds FAR Associates, LLC Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe Site Plan
C-82-18 1330 E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Bledsoe Architects Holmes Shreveport Property LLC Vehicle Dealership Site Plan
October 2018
P-31-18 5800 Jefferson Paige Road Wayne and Teresa Gale Simmons Wayne and Teresa Gale Simmons Commercial Dog Breeder & Dog Training Facility Site Plan
P-34-18 9700 Block Paxton Road Joe Partain Architects First Choice Lawn Care South Shreveport Industrial Park Site Plan
C-69-18 1543 Natalie St. St. Davis Baptist Church St. Davis Baptist Church St. Davis Baptist Church Expansion Site Plan
C-73-18 8400 Line Avenue Line Avenue Interest, LLC Line Avenue Interest, LLC Line Avenue Interest Development Site Plan
September 2018          
C-58-18 889 Flournoy Lucas Road Daniel Laffoon Ruth Woodman Minor Vehicle Repair Site Plan
P-22-18 4305 N Lakeshore Drive Caddo Fire District 1 Caddo Fire District 1 Fire Station Site Plan
August 2018          
C-38-18 2620 Centenary Blvd Mark’s Driving Academy Toups Labban Properties Driving Academy Site Plan
C-41-18 4523 Youree Drive Progressive Bank Gary Fox and Harry Fox Financial Institution Site Plan
C-66-18 9258 Wallace Lake Rd Commercial Construction and Development Juneau Family Limited Partnership Warehouse for Flooring Company Site Plan
P-26-18 7207 Brooks Rd Miles Associates Enable Midstream Partners Training, Office, workshop Site Plan
C-56-18 8900 Block of Ellerbe Road Carter Federal Credit Union Ellerbe Loop Partners, LLC Bank with Drive Through and Gen Office Site Plan
P-22-18 4305 N. Lakeshore Drive Caddo Fire District 1 Caddo Fire District 1 Fire Station Foundation Plan
C-51-18 5677 N. Industry Rd. Solvay USA, Inc. Solvay USA, Inc. Solvay Truck Staging Area Site Plan
July 2018
C-46-18 8600 Block of Line Avenue Raley & Associates, Inc. Fortis Company Line Avenue Medical Office Building Site Plan
C-47-18 9312 Mansfield Road Abrams Architecture & Design Variance/Pizza Rev Site Plan Modification
June 2018
C-35-18 1410 Kings Hwy Bonne Terre Ventures Bonne Terre Ventures, LLC Pharmacy Site Plan
P-16-18 337 Mt. Zion Road Polaris Services, LLC. Iglesia de Dios Oakmont Place of Worship (Church) Site Plan
P-20-18 9391 Ellerbe Road iArchitecture, LLC Coushatta Bancshares Office Site Plan
C-86-17 1110 Sam R. Fertitta Drive NITH, LLC. NITH, LLC. Office Site Plan
C-33-18 7199 Al Bourland Drive Sigma Supply Sigma Supply Warehouse Site Plan
C-20-18 600 Block Albemarle Drive Mohr & Associates Motor Finance Company, LLC. Office Complex Site Plan
May 2018
P-15-18 Dixie Shreveport Road Mohr & Associates CCPI, Inc. Truck/Equipment Shop Site Plan
C-28-18 3301 Line Avenue  Whitlock and Shelton Construction, Inc. Whitlock and Shelton Construction, Inc.  Commercial Site Plan
April 2018
P-13-18 231 Mt. Zion Road Ward Bryant Scuba Ventures Office and Vocational Facility (Scuba Training) Site Plan
C-26-18 9405 Ellerbe Road Progressive Bank Larry Hudson Bank(Financial Institution with Drive-Thru) Site Plan
C-21-18 9200 Block of Youree Drive Raley & Associates, Inc. Best Yet Youree, LLC Self-storage facility Site Plan
P-10-18 1102 Barron Road, Keithville Bledsoe Architects Barron Road Baptist Church Church Site Plan
C-16-17 4019 Fern Ave Southern Storage Centers Southern Storage Centers Storage-Retail Site Plan Modification
C-25-18 404 W. Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Xpress Car Wash Cordell Properties, LLC Tommy Wash (car wash) Site Plan
 C-24-18 901 Pierremont Road  Home Federal Bank – Pierremont Home Federal Bank Bank Site Plan
Mar 2018
C-19-18 6800 Fern Loop, Fern Loop Office Park Vintage Design Group LBSMC Multi-tenant strip center Site Plan
C-57-16 Stip 1500 blk E. 70th St. Mohr & Associates Hotel de Panache, LLC Home2 Suites Irrigation Plan
C-20-18 600 blk Abermarle Dr. Mohr & Associates Motor Finance Company 14 building office complex  Site Plan
C-131-17 8630-8640 Fern Ave. Somdal Associates, LLC Wall Investors, LLC Multi-tenant building Site Plan
C-132-17 5600 Hearne Ave. Kimble Development KD Hearne, LLC Dollar Tree Site Plan
Feb 2018
C-110-17 6817 W. 70th Street Jimmy Feazel Jimmy Feazel Storage Building Site Plan
P-23-17 2140 Southern Loop Raley & Associates, INc. Kilpatrick Investments, LLC. Climate-controlled storage facility Site Plan
P-6-18 2146 Pine Hill Road Shelia W. Terry Temple of Christ Baptist Church Church Site Plan
C-14-18 1510 Corporate Drive Kimble Development Precision Builders Warehouse for Construction Company Site Plan
 C-11-18  1750 MLK Drive  Hasan Awad  Hasan Awad  Rite Way Liquor  Site Plan
Jan 2018
P-24-17 11700 Blk of Mansfield Rd  Chip Coleman  KWS Water/Jeffrey Talley South Shreveport Retail Center Site Plan
Dec 2017
C-129-17 483 E. 70th Street Mohr & Associates, Inc. 70th Street TATA, Inc. Tire shop/used car lot Site Plan
C-128-17 1210 Milam Street City of Shreveport – Community development City of Shreveport Culinary Kitchen Incubator Site Plan
C-8-18 1453 E. Bert Kouns Industrial Lp.  Atchley & Atchley, Inc. Christus Highland Medical Center Parking Lot Site Plan
C-99-17 6828 Pines Rd.  CC&D TIL Holdings, LLC Car Wash Site Plan 
C-125-17 105 E. Bert Kouns Ind. Loop Raley & Associates, Inc. Helm Restaurants, Inc. Taco Bell  Site Plan
 C-126-17  428 Ashley ridge Blvd   Whitlock + Shelton Construction Kim Anderson  Salon & Spa Expansion  Site Plan 
Nov 2017
Oct 2017
 C-113-17  6721 Pines Rd   OTI, LLC Pines Road Storage Center, LLC  Ice Vending Machine  Site Plan 
 C-112-17  8770 Business Park Dr   Ayer Design Group Group 1 Realty, Inc. Roundtree Ford Parking Lot Re-Paving  Site Plan 
C-124-17 6634 + 6658 Youree Dr  Kevin Bryan Architect The Woodmont Company Bayou Walk Village (Facade Review) Site Plan 
Sep 2017
 P-21-17 7637 East Kings Highway August Brandon Dorothyt Lessman Church Site Plan
C-97-17 1006 Highland Ave.  UHS Brentwood Hospital UHS Brentwood Hospital Tower Addition Site Plan 
C-98-17 8943 Kingston Rd.  Raley & Associates, Inc. CHC Realty, LLC Construction Equipment Storage Warehouse Site Plan 
 C-76-17 500 blk of Astor Pl.   Linwood Development, LLC Linwood Development, LLC 29 lot Single-Family Subdivision PUD  Site Plan 
Aug 2017
P-19-17 5700 blk. of N. Market St.  Prevot Design Services Barksdale Federal Credit Union ATM & Bank Branch Site Plan 
P-18-17 7144 West Park Rd.  FBL & Associates, Inc. West Park, LLC Warehouse Addition Site Plan 
C-76-16 9400 blk. of Healthplex Dr.  Crosspoint Engineering, LLC Green Leaf Hospitality 4-story Hotel – Fairfield Inn Site Plan 
 C-83-17 795 Brook Hollow Dr   Mohr & Associates, Inc. Brook Hollow Business Park, LLC  Parking Lot Expansion  Site Plan 
Jul 2017
P-14-17 7899 Buncombe Rd.  Bradley, Murchison, Shea + Kelly Franklin Sale, et al. Gas Compression Station Control Room Site Plan 
C-63-17 1610 E. Bert Kouns Industrial Lp.   Vasquez Engineering, LLC PT 1610, LLC Discount Tire Store Site Plan 
C-80-17 4707 Greenwood Rd.   Mohr & Associates A & L Energy Outdoor Storage Yard for 18 wheeler trucks Site Plan 
C-64-17 440 E. Bert Kouns Industrial Lp.  CC&D Franks Investment Company, LLC Restaurant & Office Site Plan 
 C-61-17 533 Ockley Dr.   Bledsoe Architects, LLC First Baptist Church of Shreveport First Baptist Church Addition  Site Plan 
 C-70-17 8500 blk of Mansfield Rd.   Mohr & Associates, Inc. Mary Goula Baptist Church Mary Goula Baptist Church  Site Plan 
 C-79-17 1120 Kings Hwy  Helm Restaurants, Inc. Helm Restaurants, Inc. Taco Bell Parking Expansion Site Plan 
 C-85-17 547 E. 79th St.  SPAR City of Shreveport AB Palmer Spray Park Site Plan 
C-84-17 5405 Campus Dr  Chip Coleman Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Restroom Addition Site Plan 
 C-82-17 1125 Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy   Duplantis Design Group Walmart  Parking Lot Expansion (Online Grocery Pickup)  Site Plan 
 C-60-17 10950 E. Kings Hwy   Mohr & Assocaites, Inc. Wimwal, LLC RV Storage Facility  Site Plan 
Jun 2017
C-10-17 1701 Marshall Street DeWayne Baker The Chaise Lounge, LLC Bar/Lounge Site Plan
C-53-17 2731 Hollywood Ave.  Entrum, Inc. Entrum, Inc. Entrum Laundry work space expansion for a laundromat/dry cleaning facility Site Plan
C-66-17 1625 David Raines Rd.   Mischa Ferrell Caddo Parish David Raines Community Center building Replacement and Relocation Site Plan 
C-54-17 1825 Laurel St.   Ashe, Broussard, Weinzettle Harmony House Nursing Home Addition Site Plan 
C-69-17 1237 Murphy St.   SporTran City of Shreveport Intermodal Facility Expansion – Food Truck Park – Minor Addition Site Plan 
C-65-17 3840 Greenwood Rd.   Civil Design Group CPSB Midway Elementary – Parking Lot Re-paving (revised plan) Site Plan 
C-71-17 6900 Blk. of W. 69th St.   SporTran City of Shreveport SW Transfer Hub – New Bus Transfer Station Site Plan 
May 2017
C-94-16 4611 Monkouse Drive Deborah Vance-Mozell Deborah Vance-Mozell Commercial Strip Center Site Plan
 C-56-17  6215 Fairfield Ave  Cvil Design Group Caddo Parish School Board Driveway and drop-off Site Plan
C-44-17 5506 Jefferson Paige Rd.  E & L Development E & L Development Hideaway Harbor Mini-Storage Site Plan
C-45-17 NE Corner of Bert Kouns Industrial Lp + Buncombe Rd.  Executive Holdings, LLC Metro Investments LP, et al. Family Dollar Site Plan
C-32-17 140 E. Bert Kouns Industrial Lp.  Academy Sports + Outdoors JLN Properties, LP by Nelson Management, LLC Academy Sports + Outdoors Site Plan
C-51-17 8970 Youree Dr.  Buddy Webb & Company, Inc. O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc. O’Reilly Automotive Store Site Plan
C-49-17 Ellerbe Rd & Flournoy Lucas Rd.  Forte & Tablada A-S 130 Camp Forbing Marketplace, LP Multi-tenant Retail/Restaurant Site Plan
C-52-17 3226 Mackey Ln.  Whitlock + Shelton Construction Jeremy Alexander Dental 101/ Miles for Smiles – Dental Office Expansion Site Plan 
 C-22-17  2321 Greenwood Rd.   TEG Architects, LLC  Greenwood Road Properties  GI Specialists Expansion  Site Plan 
 C-55-17  1905 Jewella Ave.   Love & Blessings Learning Center Larry D. Henderson  Daycare Expansion  Site Plan 
 C-56-17  6215 Fairfield Ave.   Civil Design Group Caddo Parish School Board Fairfield Elementary Parking Expansion  Site Plan 
Apr 2017
C-47-17 8700 blk of Youree Dr.  Mohr + Associates Y-S Partners, LLC Burger King Site Plan
C-42-17 4442 Meriwhether Rd.  Bossier Electrical Contractors Bossier Electrical Contractors Storage Building Site Plan
C-35-17 6905 Westport Ave.  Polaris Services, LLC Southwestern Packing and Seals, Inc. Warehouse Site Plan
C-27-17 6900 blk of Fern Ave.  NWLA Restaurant Group, LLC Fern Marketplace, Ltd. La Madeleine – Restaurant Site Plan
C-34-17 4760 St. Vincent Ave.  Fenner Consulting MJ Roofing & Remodeling Office + Warehouse Site Plan
C-43-17 5902 Southern Ave.  Taylor-Robertson, LLC Gerald & Rhonda Stephens Rocketfast Carwash #7 Site Plan
Mar 2017
 C-30-17  8501 Millicent Way  Sequoia Construction, LLC Sequoia Venture, LLC dba Raintree Apartments Clubhouse for an apartment complex Site Plan
C-38-17 301 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop  Sutton Beebe Babin Architects, LLC Regional Urology, Oncology & Radiation Property Group, LLC Building Addition Site Plan
 C-26-17  4701 Northport Blvd.   Mohr + Associates  Red River Land + Investment Co.  Healthcare Express  Site Plan 
 C-28-17  6900 blk of Fern Ave.   LPI Development Fern Marketplace LTD  At Home Store  Site Plan 
 C-31-17 2600 blk of Albert Bicknell Lane   Forte & Tablada Willis Knighton Modular Chiller Plant  Site Plan 
Feb 2017
C-93-16 4000 blk of Hilry Huckaby Dr.  Mohr + Associates Manjit Singh Warar Convenience Store + Gas Station Site Plan
C-8-17 7803 Youree Dr.  Hyman Turpin Andwe, LLC Restaurant Site Plan
 C-25-17  9500 blk of Interport Dr.   Whitlock + Shelton Construction  Thomas Scott III  Impact 864 Outdoor Hockey Facility  Site Plan 
 Jan 2017
C-99-16 3405 Mansfield Rd. Ashe Broussard Weinzettle Architects Claiborne & Mansfield, LLC Roseview Nursing + Rehabilitation Center Building Expansion Site Plan
C-92-16 9595 Mansfield Rd.  GPD Group, Inc. Cordell Shreveport Property Owner Pizza Hut Site Plan
C-16-17 4019 Fern Ave.  Southern Storage Centers Brookshire Grocery Company Climate Controlled Self-Storage  Site Plan
C-20-17 3801 Southern Ave.  Fenner Consulting Parnell-Robinson Insurance Parking Lot Site Plan
C-17-17 900 W. 62nd St.   Fenner Consulting Gray Eagle Properties LP + Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc. Warehouse Expansion Site Plan
 Dec 2016
 C-90-16 1761 Spring St. CHM Holdings, LLC CHM Holdings, LLC Communications Office + Warehouse Site Plan
 C-91-16 1120 Kings Hwy  Forte & Tablada Helm Restaurants, Inc. FMC – NWLA SHELL Dialysis Clinic Site Plan
 C-95-16 805 Aero Dr.  Landmark Land Surveying, Inc. Miller Tubular Services Lay Down Yard Site Plan
 C-7-17  510 Texas St. Tim Horn Time Horn  Parking Lot Site Plan
C-82-16 910 Marshall St. Solomon Investments, LLC Solomon Investments, LLC Food Truck Park Site Plan
C-97-16 2900 Blk. of Baird Rd. + Normandie Dr.   SPAR + Fire Department SPAR + Fire Department Fire Station #17 Site Plan
 Nov 2016
 C-89-16 End of Stoner Ave at Clyde Fant Pkwy. SPAR City of Shreveport Dog Park Site Plan
C-88-16  6511 Line Ave. PlanA Architecture Shreveport Corporate Housing, LLC  Architecture Office  Site Plan
C-80-16 525 E. Kings Hwy American Engineering Associates Kimble Development, LLC Take 5 Oil Change Site Plan
Oct 2016
 C-81-16 280 Simms St. Hyman Turpin Agurs Properties, LLC Storage Building Site Plan
 C-61-16 700 Blk. American Way  WIMWAL, LLC WIMWAL, LLC Offices Site Plan
 P-13-16 5700 Blk. N. Market St. Mohr + Associates, Inc. Brenda Morris Oswald Wendy’s – Fast Food Restaurant Site Plan
 C-87-16 1205 Mercedes-Benz Dr.  Enterprise Holdings Shreveport RE, LLC. Enterprise Carwash + Fuel Station Site Plan
Sep 2016
 C-77-16 1185 Hawn Ave Terrell + Ricky Hall Terrell + Ricky Hall Terrell + Ricky Hall Site Plan