A site plan must be submitted and approved before permits will be issued for any new construction projects, additions, parking lots, and major grading. A site plan is a drawing of the property showing the key elements such as buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, grading, storm water drainage utilities, fences, and lighting. Starting August 01, 2016 site plans will be reviewed at a staff level and approved administratively by the Executive Director.

What is a Site Plan?

A site plan is a detailed graphic and written document that shows how a site will be developed.  It is a legally binding, professionally prepared proposal for the use and development of a parcel of land.

When is a Site Plan Required?

A site plan shall be required for all townhouse, multifamily, non-residential construction (including mixed use) and planned unit developments.   The introduction of a new use to an existing site may also require site plan approval.

What points should be considered when formulating a site plan?

Zoning, building and parking, setbacks, landscaping, drainage, parking & loading, ingress & egress drive, deceleration lanes, fire lanes, sidewalks, lightings, etc.  Specific requirements are provided in the MPC’s Site Plan Application Packet

A Pre-Application Meeting and Pre-Application Conference is required prior to any site plan application submittal.  A Conceptual Site Plan is required as part of the Pre-Application Conference requirements.

(Single-Family Residential developments and Planned Unit Developments (PUD) require slightly different review processes; please contact the MPC for details.)


To schedule a Pre-Application Meeting or Site Plan Application Submittal, please contact a member of the MPC Staff at (318) 673-6480.