Shreveport-Caddo 2030 Master Plan


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Bold Approach
To achieve the Vision, we need ambitious goals for new jobs and an ambitious program to extend a high quality of life to every place and every person in our community.

Shreveport has shown boldness before—from Captain Shreve taking on the great logjam, to the first underwater drilling in Caddo Lake, to the successful pursuit of an Air Force base. The master plan is a roadmap for a new era of opportunity and leadership—this is our 21st-century moment for bold initiatives.

Grow Smarter
Attract new residents and investment to Shreveport “inside the loop” to live in vibrant, connected, walk-able communities.

Major mixed-use centers and urban villages will have enough density to support express bus service, and eventually bus rapid transit, along major streets to employment centers.

Celebrate Uniqueness
We have the only real, urban downtown in our region, a rich history, a beautiful landscape, and a culture that makes us unique.

Downtown can be a neighborhood where you can live in a historic building in the heart of the West Edge arts district, in a new Cross Bayou neighborhood, or a cottage community in Ledbetter Heights.

Invest In People
Human capital is the key to good jobs and prosperity in the 21st century.

This means investing in retaining and attracting talent, a hospitable environment for entrepreneurs, intensified partnerships to enhance workforce development, new opportunities in post-secondary education, and a new commitment to excellent public schools.

Invest In Places
Businesses locate where people want to be, and good neighborhoods, a great open space system, and a vibrant cultural life are key attractions in successful 21st-century  communities.

Investing in place means everything from making sure that our basic infrastructure and services are reliable and in good condition to a “green agenda” of greenways, clean water and air, and energy efficiency.