The HPC reviews any activity (i.e., alteration, expansion, demolition, etc.) which occurs on a contributing property or non-contributing property within any designated historic district and/or landmark that would result in an irreversible change in the design, materials, or outward appearance of the structure and/or site.  It also reviews any changes in the general arrangement of the building’s features or its architectural details, such as the arrangement of windows or doors.  The HPC offers pro bono professional advice, practical information, and pertinent references about materials and techniques used in historic preservation and restoration, and provides technical assistance throughout design and construction. The HPC uses specific design standards to aid historic property owners in making appropriate and sensitive decisions about alterations, additions, and repairs to their properties.

All Certificate of Appropriateness and/or Certificate of Demolition applications are administered by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC). The Executive Director of the MPC, upon a recommendation from the Shreveport Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), will make an administrative final decision.

The HPC does not review cases that involve routine maintenance or replacement of any part of the property using the same design and materials as the original building.