Planning Area Development Code

The Shreveport-Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission is currently working with citizens within the planning area to develop a development code that better represents the people it regulates. This webpage will be updated periodically with revised drafts of the new Planning Area Development Code (PADC). Learn about the code and provide feedback throughout the creation of the PADC.


Draft One received public comments through the month of January 2021.

Draft Two was released for public review and comment on February 12, 2021.

To download a copy of the PDAC: Draft Two for printing, click HERE
(recommended front and back printing, 248 pages)

To download a copy of the PDAC: Draft Two for online viewing, click HERE


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Protect the Rural Character

Rural communities are an essential part of the MPC’s Planning Area. Many people who live in rural areas expect to continue the rural lifestyle enjoyed by previous generations. Still others want to live in rural areas to enjoy their beauty while retaining the conveniences of an urban life. Reconciling these expectations with the need to manage the impacts of growth is a difficult job for the MPC.

For this reason the PADC will include regulations that address rural land uses and residential characteristics that are regulated differently than the City of Shreveport. This is a necessary change as the current Caddo Parish UDC failed to properly represent the citizens who live in the rural areas of the MPC’s Planning Limits.

Support Development

The PADC includes development regulations that include a variety of land use regulations which set controls on how land is subdivided, used, and developed.  Such regulations include zoning, subdivisions, critical areas, landscaping, planned unit developments, and signs.  The aim is for a Code that is a more modern and flexible approach to regulating development. While the Code requires a little more work up front, that effort pays off in the end with a streamlined approval process that is more predictable and consistent.

Strengthen our Economy

The PACD encourages investment through its streamlined development process, but it also contains new provisions that reflect the rural character of Caddo Parish in how it approaches land use planning and economic development.  One way the Code does this is by incorporating form-based standards to guide the form or design of development sites and new buildings with the rural areas of the MPC Planning Limits. The standards are not universally applied across the area, but vary based on location, supporting existing development patterns and community identity.