Community Planning

The Community Planning and Design Department updates and amends all Community Plans within the MPC’s Planning Limits for neighborhoods, corridors, and other smaller study areas within them. Community planning in Shreveport-Caddo is a collaborative process, involving MPC staff working with community stakeholders to develop the community and small area plans. This process seeks to balance the often competing needs of a wide variety of stakeholders to arrive at a common community vision, and then to apply sound planning principles to develop plans that foster sustainable community development and preservation.

Our approach to that task includes:

  • Engaging all stakeholders
  • Balancing economic, environmental and community needs
  • Creating development that will be beneficial both today and in the future
  • Considering regional impacts of growth and preservation

Shreveport-Caddo 2030 Master Plan

The Great Expectations Master Plan, the first comprehensive master plan since 1957, is designed to put Shreveport-Caddo on a new strategic path for the 21st Century toward more jobs, households, smarter growth patterns and a better quality of life. This comprehensive master plan provides the framework for seizing opportunities to make the Shreveport community better, while preserving all the existing things we love about Shreveport and Caddo Parish.

Master Plan Monitoring Report

The monitoring report is intended to outline the progress of implementing the above Great Expectations Master Plan. The reporting period includes the time period from adoption of the comprehensive master plan in January 2011 to present.