Shreveport’s local and nationally designated historic districts, historic landmarks, historic landmark sites, and individually designated historic properties,  are some of the most valued and important assets of the City of Shreveport. They are established for the purpose of protecting and conserving the heritage of the City; for the purpose of safeguarding the character and heritage of the districts by preserving the districts as a whole and any property therein that embodies important elements of pre-historic, historic, architectural, archeological or cultural significance; for the purpose of fostering civic beauty; and for the purpose of stabilizing and enhancing property values throughout the districts as a whole, thus contributing to the improvement of the general health and welfare of the City of Shreveport and the residents of the districts.

The inclusion of historic designations in Historic Preservation Overlay Districts is intended to establish and preserve areas, properties, buildings, structures, sites or objects that have outstanding historical and cultural significance. It is not intended to limit the development of undeveloped lands.

General Historic Preservation Overlay District (General-HPOD)

A General Historic Preservation Overlay District (General-HPOD) exists for all City of Shreveport designated local and/or national historic districts (including the areas and properties within those districts), and national and/or local individually designated historic properties, sites, or landmarks.

In contrast, “specific” Historic Preservation Overlay Districts may also be established for individual communities and neighborhoods. Article 21 of the Shreveport Unified Development Code outlines the procedures for establishing specific Historic Preservation Overlay Districts. Any area, property, building, structure, site, or object may be included within the General-HPOD or within a “specific” HPOD, so long as the area, property, building, structure, site or object has:

  1. Pre-historic Significance,
  2. Historic Significance,
  3. Architectural Significance,
  4. Archaeological Significance, or
  5. Cultural Significance.

These terms are defined in Article 21.