If you are interested in operating a food truck or food trailer in the City of Shreveport, you must first obtain an MPC-issued food truck and trailer license. This page will help you understand how to apply, and if you are approved, what general requirements you will need to abide by.


  • IMPORTANT: A food truck and trailer vendor―commonly referred to only as a “food truck”―is a vendor that operates a commercially-manufactured motorized self-contained food service operation truck or towed trailer unit designed to be readily movable. Food truck and trailer vendors prepare ready-to-eat food that is cooked, wrapped, packaged, processed, or portioned for service, sale, or distribution. Any food truck and trailer vendor must completely retain its mobility at all times. Mobile food trucks and trailer units are not meant to be permanent facilities. A food truck and trailer vendor does not mean a stand or a booth.
  • A Food Truck and Trailer License sticker must be displayed and affixed to the lower right-hand corner of the concession window.
  • Vendors must obey all applicable parking, traffic and vehicle safety laws, regulations, and restrictions.
  • This includes the feeding of parking meters.
  • Vendors must report to its designated commissary at least once a day for food, supplies, cleaning, and servicing and as required by the Caddo Parish Health Unit.
  • Food trucks can operate on any property zoned commercial or industrial, as well as on any property zoning OS (Open Space) or IC (Institutional Campus), provided they have written permission from the property owner to operate.
  • Food trucks may only sell food; no other goods, wares, or other items may be sold.
  • No vendor may sell alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or any other illegal item.
  • No furniture, or any other objects can be placed in the street, sidewalk, or any right-of-way, except a trash receptacle.
  • All vendors must provide a trash receptacle within three feet of the front or back of the truck on a public street.
  • All vendors must keep a 50 foot radius around the truck clean during operation and upon ceasing operation.
  • All food truck and trailers shall maintain compliance with the City’s noise ordinance.
  • A drive through is not permitted in conjunction with any food truck and trailer vendor.

Food trucks and Trailers may not operate:

  • Within ten (10) feet from the edge of any driveway or public sidewalk, handicapped ramp, building entrances and exit, emergency access/exit way, fire lane, or emergency call box.
  • Within any area of the lot that impedes, endangers, or interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Within fifteen (15) feet in all directions of a fire hydrant and any fire department connection, utility box or vault.
  • Within 100 feet from the main entrance to any eating establishment or similar food service business.
  • Within 100 feet from any outdoor dining area and 50 feet from any permitted food vending cart location, as measured from the designated location on the lot accommodating the food truck.


  • A non-refundable application fee of $200.00.


Food Truck and Trailer Application
Occupational License Application

The application process begins with the MPC’s ‘One Stop Shop’ for licenses and permits, which is located on the 1st floor of Government Plaza at the Permit’s Desk (505 Travis Street). Along with a completed application, on forms provided by the MPC, you must also have all of the documents, certifications and inspections listed below. No application shall be processed until all required documentation is received. No applicant is guaranteed a Permit.   Applicant’s may also apply online for their Food Truck and Trailer License at MyGovernmentOnline.

  • Photographs of the food truck or trailer indicating the dimensions.  No food truck or food trailer can exceed 26 feet in length or 8 feet in width
  • A copy of the food truck or trailer’s valid registration.
  • A copy of automobile insurance for food truck or trailer, providing insurance coverage for any automobile accident that may occur while driving on the road.
  • All approvals, inspections, and certificates required by the Caddo Parish Health Unit. For questions regarding the health inspection requirements, please call 318-676-5222.
  • Copy of Certificate of registration with Caddo-Shreveport Sales and Use Tax Commission.
  • Copy of occupational license or a certificate of exemption, if exempt.
  • Copy of registration information with the Louisiana Department of Revenue & Taxation.
  • A copy of your commercial general liability insurance coverage policy with liability coverage of at least $500,000, naming the City as an insured party, providing insurance coverage for any accident that may occur while selling your food and conducting your business on the public rights-of-ways. This coverage must be valid at the time of application and throughout the year when the permit is valid.
  • All approvals and inspections required by the Shreveport Fire Department. For questions regarding Fire requirements, please call 318-673-6740.
  • Signed Hold Harmless Agreement, executed by the applicant.

You will also need to obtain an occupational license, which allows you to do business in Shreveport, in addition to the food truck and trailer license, in order to lawfully operate your food truck. Applying for and receiving your occupational license is part of the  food truck and trailer application process.


Office of the MPC


Food Truck and Trailer Application
Occupational License Application
Food Truck and Trailer Vendor Ordinance (Shreveport UDC)


Office of the MPC